Keep the website up to date!
Many wrestling fans are looking for new information everyday. So do i, but right now does not give me enough input. I mean, where is the roster page? Where is a TNA logo? The website really looks like it is in maintenance mode, but for how long?

Keep the TNA name and push it!
Some shows are now called Impact Turning Point or Impact Sacrifice. TNA is what the fans chant every taping. Keep the name and get it out there!


The partnership with is good, other promotions and famous wrestlers do the same. But let’s keep in mind that we have an official shop called ShopTNA.
And, for fans outside the US it’s pretty hard to get new t-shirts….


Build own stars
TNA is good in building their own stars, look at AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, James Storm, EC3 and many more. Let’s keep focus on that and do not hire old washed up WWE veterans.


For me, the X-Division is what got me into TNA Wrestling. The high-flyers are incredible, matches like Ultimate-X are unique. Even WWE noticed that and is running a cruiserweight tournament.
Let’s keep focus on that!